Friday, May 27, 2011

Ansleigh is so funny...

Ansleigh is getting so big so fast and I wanted to document some of the funny things she says and does recently!

- She calls the cacatias potatoes so cute
- When she doesnt know the answer to your question she rolls her eyes around or taps her finger on her chin and says umm im not sure
- She says Bebe's real name is tiger and does the noice- she is really into what your real name is so funny
-She does everything that I do and say so I have to be careful its funny watching her though
-She calls granola bars yettibars no clue where she got that
-she always wants what i have to eat mommy i want your supper no matter what meal it is
-She loves noo noos as she calls noodles and sketti is spagetti
-She calls chicken- chicken bawk bawk
-She calls peanut butter sandwiches butter sandwich and toast butter toast
-she calls her bathing suit her bathing soup lol
-i have a rental car right now because i got hit last week and she calls it shellys car my aunt no clue why and every morning she goes oh yea we are in shellys car again lol

I know there are more things but right now is such a fun stage she is getting so sassy but she is sooo funny love watching her figuring things out and saying full sentences. She is always smiling and laughing and she loves to be outside. Hope that you guys have a great weekend we have a big weekend planned and I promise to take more pictures!

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