Monday, August 23, 2010

This weekend with no pictures!

So I was a bad blogger last week and then this weekend I didnt take any pictures even though I had my camera with me all weekend! I get so mad at myself when I do that! Thursday night we went over to my work friend Kristys house and I brought her some stuff for her garage sale and then we let the kids play! They had so much fun they have a great backyard and ansleigh loved it! Riley and Ansleigh kept hugging and it was adorable! Then friday night I did some fall shopping for Ansleigh and she got some great stuff and I also got a new pair of gap jeans which are my all time favorite jeans I have always loved them! Then saturday I got to sleep in for the first time in weeks and just be lazy and it was amazing! Saturday night we went to my sisters house for game night and had a blast! We laughed a lot and ate way to much but it was so fun! I slept in again yesterday which was great and then went and got Ansleigh from her dads! She fell while at her dads and busted her lip so sad but she is finally drinking and eating as of this morning which makes me very happy! We went to get her some more fall clothes and then she took an awesome nap which gave me time to get a lot done! Then we went to the grocery and then to dads for an awesome dinner made my Bebe! It was a great weekend! Hope you guys had a great weekend as well!

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